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4547 Yarker Road
Harrowsmith, ON
K0H 1V0

While our farm is diversified with livestock as well as vegetables in the garden, we are pretty avid meat lovers and we focus much of our time on raising prize winning cattle, heritage pigs and beautiful turkeys.

Our cattle are mostly black, of the Maine-Anjou breed which came from France in the early 1970’s. These cattle live freely, grazing on green pastures from May until November. We raise beef that eat only grass in summer and hay in winter and we market them as Grass Finished animals. These beef provide lean cuts, high in omega three with a strong beef flavour. For those who prefer a sweeter flavour, more marbled cuts, beef from a select few cattle that are also fed a grain ration might be more to their liking. Our beef is available in limited quantities, year round at the store. We take orders for quarters, sides and whole animals. For those who would like to keep their freezers well stocked with lots of options, and benefit from the bulk discount, a quarter or side of beef is a great option. Families can share and we can help with all the cuts.

Our pigs are Berkshires, a heritage breed. They range outside in summer and inside in winter and live the happiest pig life ever! The chops and roasts from Berkshire pork is extremely moist and full of flavour. If you think “pork is pork”, you haven’t tasted Berkshire pork from pigs that have been raised in an open space with the great genetics these pigs have. They are available year round by the cut in the store. By the side or whole by order. Talk to us about ordering a side of pork. You will be happy you did!

We raise our Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys from the time they are one day old. They are free range as well, and their meat is guaranteed to be the juiciest and most flavourful. Our customers find themselves sharing their turkeys with neighbours just to spread the word. They are a superior product that results from a very happy relaxed life, where they are very well cared for.  Our turkeys are free of antibiotics, steroids or any kind of hormone. They are fresh at Thanksgiving and Christmas by order only and are available frozen in limited quantities throughout the year at the store. We take orders throughout the year!

Our ducks are hatched out at the Perry Farm and are cared for by The youngest Perrys–Grant and Mason, until they are ready for your table.



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