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My name is Susan and I am the maker/creator of Litsie Creations.

My inspiration for the name of my business came from my granddaughter as Litsie is her nickname and also because I would like to encourage her and all others to be environmentally conscious individuals. My family has been, and continues to be, extremely supportive through this venture of mine.  My daughter-in-law inspired me with the idea of  handcrafting reusable bags and also designed my logo and product cards. One son has designed my website, edits pictures and offers never-ending technical support.  Another son provided me with a cash start-up fund and another provides me unending support and has helped me complete craft fair applications.

 On going for a car ride, the first thing my grandchildren ask for is their snack bag.  As for my newest granddaughter, a snack bag is the perfect clean place to store a pacifier . The wetbag/diaper bag is the first place to store soiled diapers.  My wet bags have been a hit with my swimming class – they make a great swimming bag and are also great for the beach.    

I have had a love for fabrics and sewing since I was a young girl.  I remember making clothes for my Barbie doll. My first job was in a fabric store at age 14 and I followed this by becoming a Family Studies teacher.  My sewing classes were my favourite,   I guess I have been a fabric junky for several years.  

I have added reusable produce bags, along with microwaveable flax seed heating pads to my shop as well. My new passion is working with high quality cork from Portugal!


I hope you enjoy my handmade products as much as I enjoy making them.


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