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Food Less Travelled | Local Family Farms

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6674 Road 38
Verona, ON
K0H 2W0

From the farmer’s field to your pantry or table, Local Family Farms features the region’s most vibrant and diverse supply of high-quality, environmentally sustainable local produce, meat,  prepared meals, specialty foods, baked goods and unique giftware in the region.

As farmers ourselves, we understand that a growing number of consumers are seeking out products that are local, GMO, hormone and pesticide-free – products that are grown or created with care, with an eye to sustainability and which enrich small-scale agriculture and the economy in general. We have found these people are more knowledgeable about healthy foods and understand the link between small producers who use more natural processes and their overall wellbeing.

Our customers – those who live locally, seasonal visitors or folks passing through – appreciate products that are closer to nature and food that is not highly processed. Besides being beneficial for the environment, they are also of higher quality, more flavourful, and richer in nutrients.

Our store is located in picturesque Verona and our Perry Farm is located just down the road in Harrowsmith, and many of the produce and meat items sold in the store and used in our savoury prepared meals and salads come straight from our farm gate.

Our staff is friendly, responsive and accommodating. We are always looking for new products and services and listen to the needs and desires of our customers. You can contact us at any time to see if a particular item is in stock or if we can order it.

We highlight locally-produced fruits and vegetables in season, as well as a selection of quality dairy products, and meats. And for those seeking fun, unique gift ideas and tasty treats, we sell local and Ontario chocolate, maple candy, fair-trade organic coffee and much more.

Local Family Farms is open six days a week (closed Sundays). Please visit us in person, or call us at 613-374-3663.



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